Where creativity converges

FlowPoint is creating solutions that apply automation backed by new forms of data science to the financial sector and other markets.

Our team is independent, open-minded, strong on communication skills, and both gives and receives regular feedback. We seek bright, driven people who take ownership of their projects and are excited to solve information challenges in the financial sector and other markets.

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What makes us different?

FlowPoint incorporated during the global pandemic in September 2020. Our remote-first team is working to tackle exciting problems in the financial space.

We’re engineers, programmers, business experts, and specialists united in our passion for helping businesses achieve their financial goals with smarter technology.

Our leaders have direct experience with the challenges we’re tackling in the finance sector, and we’re led by a serial technology entrepreneur who has built and managed globally successful technology companies in Toronto’s start-up sector.

Create to your heart’s content

At FlowPoint, we want the only limits on your career to be the ones you place on yourself.

You’ll take true ownership of big tasks, build things from scratch, make a name for yourself, and level up your skills faster than you ever have before. We’ll get you the subscriptions and certifications you need to excel in your role.

Collaborate to converge on great ideas

With a stacked C-Suite who know the industry and have previously led successful companies, FlowPoint aims to bypass the executional mistakes that entrap inexperienced teams. You’ll work directly with technical and market thought leaders to move at a fast pace.

Events like our weekly Code-Kata sessions give you regular opportunities to showcase team learning, get feedback and hone your presentation skills.

Interested in deepening your management and business leadership? Mentorship and hands-on learning opportunities exist with our senior team.

Innovate your way to excellence

FlowPoint’s platform is purpose-built to tackle a ground-floor problem that has long been assumed to be an industry norm. We believe it’s a career-making opportunity and we want you to join us in building a solution with enormous market demand.

We can’t wait to work with you.

FlowPoint offers career-making opportunities. And we can’t wait to work with you.

What our employees say

The Interview Process

Throughout FlowPoint’s interview process you'll be able to meet team members and ask questions.


Let’s get to know each other. 

Ask us questions about the role. We’ll ask about your past experiences.

Skills Assessment

You’ll complete a challenge that tests your skills

Examples include designing a solution, writing a code sample or drafting your response to a communication or sales scenario.

Career Story

In this interview, you’ll share a chronological walkthrough of your past experience.

We’ll ask questions about how you worked with others, the kind of work you did, what you learned, and how you stayed motivated. Where possible, please come prepared with references from current or prior managers.


Remote-first work environment

Health benefits plan

Stock option program

Wellness Days

Strong commitment to professional development, including subscriptions or certifications to help you level up your skills.

Stay in the know

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