Transform raw business performance data into actionable insight

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No matter your role in the financial sector, your ability to effectively manage risk requires transparency with your portfolio’s business performance: 

  • Lenders 
  • Venture capitalists 
  • Fund managers
  • Credit Union partners
  • Financial Service providers

FlowPoint’s new business collaboration hub transforms your client’s raw business performance data into actionable information. Instantly leverage FlowPoint’s automated reporting processes, analytics dashboards and near real-time alerts to make important decisions with–or about–your clients.

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Experience the Automated Difference

FlowPoint’s easy-to-use, innovative platform systematically collects, standardizes, stores, and tracks all your reporting data.

Set and track the most important business performance indicators (KPIs) or client commitments. You can also rapidly structure and standardize important performance metrics through our proprietary FlowPoint smart forms or upload traditional documentation, allowing you to monitor business performance over time while creating a time-series self-organizing documentation set.

Open new possibilities for near real-time analysis and risk detection without the headaches and errors that can come from manual recording and the delays related to endless email follow-ups.

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Powering the Future of Financial Risk Management

The way you detect and manage risk is changing. Automate your outreach at a set cadence, tailor dashboards and custom alerts, and tie it all to smart, responsive business performance-oriented forms.

These innovations can also drive positive behavioral change and shift your relationships with clients. Focus on higher-level analysis, deliver workflow efficiencies, and make significant improvements to account management morale.

The best part? Sharing performance data with your clients within FlowPoint’s transparent platform can help you build more successful businesses and business relationships together.

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