Time to Value

Within a few hours, FlowPoint can be set up for reporting. We’ll work with you to get these initial configurations in place quickly and provide the orientation sessions that will rapidly get you using it on an independent basis. Unlike many financial systems, FlowPoint requires very little to no I.T. integration, so your time to first use will be rapid.

Yes, should you wish, we can also provide ongoing business support services to help you operate and optimize FlowPoint. And, due to our extensive experience in the lending industry, we can also provide in-depth guidance on standardization and best-practices around loan origination and servicing workflows.

Reporting Requirements

As often as you need. FlowPoint accommodates almost any reporting frequency. You can flexibly define any number of recurring cadences to run for weeks, months, quarters or years. Date-specific, one-time requests are also available to meet any ad-hoc needs.

For example, a lender would often require monthly, quarterly and annual collection requests for clients, which FlowPoint can equally accommodate in almost any combination.

No. There are no specific restrictions that limit how many documents you can request. We do encourage larger requests to be broken into smaller request instances to make it easier for the client to respond and for the analyst or account manager to accept.

Yes, it’s easy for clients to do. No, they do not need to resubmit the entire package.

FlowPoint provides a full corrections workflow, which includes messaging at the document level to help clearly explain which documents have which issues to correct. Our guided corrections workflow helps make things clear and efficient, so there’s less back and forth.

In addition, our active reporting dashboard helps keep reports undergoing correction visible to all stakeholders with status tracking so you know where things are at a glance. It also maintains all submitted document versions. You can always go back, audit, and analyse your documents before making/requesting a correction. The best part? You produce an audit trail of correction events from start to finish for an even better picture of compliance

Privacy and Security

No. Documents and other platform information are not visible or accessible to anyone beyond authorized system administrators from our engineering team.

Documents are stored in an Amazon-managed storage solution. Amazon’s storage solution is a SOC-3 compliant service with high availability and durability targets with eleven nines. FlowPoint also complies with all industry-standard security protocols. All documents are encrypted at rest, encrypted in transit, and use expiring links for access when sent via email. Links are only valid for a defined number of hours before they can no longer be used. Documents are also stored using randomized keys (UUIDs) that prevent scanning or guessing their contents. We also use CloudWatch to track document-related activity in real-time.

Determining liability would be based on where the fault ultimately resided. For example, FlowPoint customers are typically responsible for ensuring their users and clients access the system properly. We are responsible, as part of pursuing SOC-3 compliance, for protecting the underlying database and the platform built above it.

No. Protecting your privacy and your clients is our highest priority. Your clients do not disclose information to FlowPoint, but instead to you, the lender or allocator managing their financing or investment relationship. Our platform enables the secure flow of information in a more efficient, transparent way for the parties involved.

I.T. Integration

We expect you’ll find FlowPoint feature rich and operationally efficient. Many companies use their IT infrastructure to address critical business needs that are not otherwise commercially available. Often, they learn over time that the on-going expense, expertise, and burden of maintaining critical systems is better served by leveraging commercially robust solutions, provided they are available. As one of those solutions, FlowPoint pools all the great ideas emerging from our community into one platform and brings together a community of users.

It’s fast and limited, respectively. Integrating us into your existing systems requires very little, if any, integration activity. Typically, customers adapt to using our solution after a few hours of administrative and user training. Since we’re focused on encouraging behavior changes in terms of how business reporting is managed, most of the effort is spent on gaining process efficiencies within your existing business operations.

FlowPoint isn’t a cloud-storage provider. We deliver value by automating the way you collect business documents, keeping them organized, ready for analysis, and coherently stored to improve the reliability and compliance of your traditional reporting systems. Our solution’s data room is always available to both you and your clients, and is consistently organized over all time so you spend more time finding, and less time searching.

Data Room

Yes. FlowPoint offers easy search filtering to help isolate the documents that you want to extract. Once you’ve made your selection, you can extract just the files or the files with their surrounding folder structure. Downloading with structure makes offline storage easy to manage and all but eliminates the challenges of file name inconsistency with our standardized document naming configuration.

The structural information includes the client’s name, reporting period, the package identification for context, and the tags associated with each type of document (e.g. “Monthly Financial Report–2021-11-30”).

Yes. Your clients always have access to the portion of the data room that contains their submitted documents, and only their documents. It’s organized in the identical way to your view of the data room so you share a common experience. Mirroring the structure makes it easier for your clients to remain consistent with subsequent submissions, retrieve past submissions, and ensure both of you operate from a shared Single Source of Truth.

About the Company

Great ideas come from many places. A leading Toronto-based venture debt lender identified challenges in their financial reporting and monitoring workflows and assigned a team to explore it. FlowPoint grew out of those efforts and formed as a spin-off company in early 2020.

We’re now an independent company backed by a variety of independent and institutional investors who are committed to our long-term success. We want to help you improve reporting compliance, and anticipate financial risks in your portfolio or fund, to help you operate effectively and respond proactively for more successful mitigations and growth. And we believe transparent, automated reporting and monitoring processes are the first step to helping you achieve those goals.