About Us

FlowPoint Technologies Ltd. creates collaborative software that helps financial organizations anticipate performance risk and growth opportunities as they evolve within their portfolios or funds, not after they happen.

Founded in 2020, the FlowPoint platform delivers an easy to use, automated, connected process that creates transparency between parties who need to share business performance data.

With FlowPoint, automated business performance reporting, compliance tracking and structured information capture are t
he first steps to helping financial actors like you to achieve your business goals.

Intersection, Bay St Toronto

Great ideas come from many places

We’re an independent company backed by a variety of independent and institutional investors who are committed to our long-term success.

We want to help you anticipate financial risks to your portfolio or fund as they evolve, not after they happen. And we believe automated reporting and simpler compliance processes are the first step to helping you achieve that goal.

Our Vision

Financial risk management and business reporting should be a simple, automated process that creates transparency between parties while fostering collaboration to build better businesses together.

Our Mission

To help you assess risk as it evolves, not after it’s happened.

We intend to be the dominant vendor of securely managed, end-to-end, financial risk management solutions. And we’re committed to developing products that add incremental value to the lending ecosystem.

Leadership Team

Stephen Pollack, Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who has worked with companies in a variety of board, advisory, consultancy and senior management roles. Stephen enjoys leading young technology teams seeking excellence, particularly where the team desires innovation and furthering their understanding of proven ways to rapidly grow a successful business. He has contributed to numerous venture-backed businesses, and has extensive experience working in the customer side of the financing space.

Notably, Stephen founded PlateSpin Ltd and led the company as CEO from an early-stage startup to over $25M in revenue within five years; Novell acquired the company in March 2008. Under his leadership, the PlateSpin team won numerous awards for fast growth, global market leadership, and business excellence, achieving the #2 position for fast growth in Canada and 11th in North America over the five-year period. Stephen was also one of three finalists for the 2008 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Stephen brings with him a keen eye for the right path to meet the needs of Dasher customers. Under his leadership, Dasher can be counted upon to deliver the highest value customers can receive from the solutions they license.

Stephen Pollack

Keith Hassen, VP Engineering

Keith has held progressively senior roles across Toronto’s tech sector over the last 10 years, scaling and leading teams of up to 40 engineers at companies such as Top Hat, Kobo Books and Figure 1. A systems thinker with a passion for solving wicked problems, Keith has developed engineering cultures built on experimentation and data-driven decision making. He has pioneered leading product development practices, growth programs for engineering talent, and supported the growth of global product communities.

He has also been responsible for successfully developing HIPAA- and PCI-compliant products and high-availability platforms that support millions of users in health care and retail.

Keith Hassen

Dennis Hettinger, Director of Sales

Dennis brings 12 years of experience in the financial services sector to Dasher garnered from both the lending and fund management spaces. He has worked extensively in retail lending, private lending, investment management, and with investment brokerage services, giving him a deep understanding of the problems these industries face. This insight brought him to Dasher, where he’s committed to improving client work-flow efficiencies in the financial services industry, which are the very problems he experienced through his various roles over the last decade.

Dennis believes in a high level of client service, great communication, and in building long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

Brad Johnson, Director of Product

Brad brings 17 years of technical leadership experience to this role, including seven years as director of technology for a leading venture debt lender. In that capacity, he led the internal team to explore how automation could be applied to centralizing reporting and loan monitoring while improving data collection and risk management. Those efforts helped Dasher coalesce as a separate startup company in November 2020.

Brad currently leads the product management team and partners closely with business development to anticipate and respond to client needs.

Brad Johnson,

Daniel Sieroka, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel brings 25 years of experience managing diverse product portfolios and strategies to this role at Dasher. He shapes long-term technology priorities, direction and roadmaps for Dasher’s products suite, supporting strategic sales and partner integration while driving software innovation. Daniel has previously built and grown software development and technology teams across various industries, including insurance, wealth management, cloud computing and data center management.

His past leadership roles encompass multiple startups and multinational companies, including PlateSpin (where he was also a founder), Univeris, TD Canada Trust, Embotics Corporation and Everest Online Learning Center.

Daniel Sieroka

About the Company

Great ideas come from many places. A leading Toronto-based venture debt lender identified challenges in their financial reporting and monitoring workflows and assigned a team to explore it. FlowPoint grew out of those efforts and formed as a spin-off company in early 2020.

We’re now an independent company backed by a variety of independent and institutional investors who are committed to our long-term success. We want to help you improve reporting compliance, and anticipate financial risks in your portfolio or fund, to help you operate effectively and respond proactively for more successful mitigations and growth. And we believe transparent, automated reporting and monitoring processes are the first step to helping you achieve those goals.

We were incorporated in early 2020 and started formally working on the first modules of our solution in November 2020.

FlowPoint is an independently owned private corporation, managed by CEO Stephen Pollack in partnership with our Board of Directors. Our ownership includes a variety of independent seed investors and founding employees.