FlowPoint to help lenders achieve +90% loan reporting compliance

SaaS solution creates early warning systems for risk management and a Single Source of Truth data room for auditing and compliance

TORONTO, CA (December 1, 2021) — FlowPoint Technologies Ltd., formerly known as Dasher, has launched the first SaaS module in its innovative reporting, monitoring and analysis platform. This module is purpose-built to automate business performance data collection to facilitate risk management analysis for lenders of all types and their end clients. 

“Effectively managing the compliance of reporting, whether grounded in loans or venture investments, requires timely, accurate information,” said FlowPoint CEO Stephen Pollack. “We’ve launched FlowPoint to help lenders change the way they collect and manage the business performance data that is so integral to assessing risk in their portfolios.” 

FlowPoint’s innovative platform delivers four key benefits to lenders:

  1. Highest client reporting compliance possible where +90% compliance across a portfolio would not be unrealistic to achieve.
  2. Faster detection of leading risk indicators, which starts with high sentiment scores but ultimately maximizes detection by increasing the flow of structured data to help quantify risk.
  3. Materially reducing client monitoring overhead, freeing up as much as +33% more time to apply to risk management and customer relations instead of client monitoring.
  4. The best end customer sentiment across the reporting and monitoring experience, achieving no less than a 4/5 rating through delivering a clear, useful and easy user experience backed by a shared data room to organize and track submitted documents over time.

By sharing a structured data room and automatically organized data room between lenders and their clients, FlowPoint’s platform allows both parties to work from the same performance data set. This transparency, based on standardized criteria, creates early warning systems for risk management.    

“We’re proud to have helped shape the vision for the technology FlowPoint is working on,” says Alkarim Jivraj, CEO of Espresso Capital. “It’s had a profound impact on our business and we’re excited that it’s evolved to the point where it’s ready to meet the needs of the broader lending universe.”

FlowPoint’s leadership team includes managers with experience in the finance sector and is led by a serial technology entrepreneur who has built and managed globally successful technology companies in Toronto’s start-up sector.

The FlowPoint product is available now and actively in use in a variety of organizations of varying portfolio sizes. Pricing is based on the volume of clients reporting, with options for unlimited reporting requests, unlimited document volume, and unlimited users. A new lender can be up and running within a few hours of on-boarding orientation. FlowPoint also provides value-add services where needed to help the lender adopt FlowPoint and implement the change-of-behavior needed to maximize its benefits.    

About FlowPoint Technologies Ltd.
FlowPoint was formed to help financial organizations anticipate financial risks in their portfolio or fund as they evolve, not after they happen. Backed by a variety of independent and institutional investors, the company’s SaaS solution delivers an easy to use, automated process that creates transparency between parties who need to share performance data. FlowPoint’s unique structured data room acts as a single source of truth that the parties can depend on. With FlowPoint, automated reporting and simpler compliance processes are the first step to helping financial actors to achieve their goals. 

Media Contact
Stephen Pollack, CEO