Converging on FlowPoint as we revolutionize loan reporting compliance

November 30, 2021 — Since launching Dasher last September, it’s been a busy year for us as we built out our engineering team and focused on getting our first product to market.

This year has been full of productive conversations with colleagues across the financial sector. As we approach our first large-scale product demonstration, I wanted to share the core values we’ve discovered within our platform. 

  1. Highest client reporting compliance possible, where 90%+ compliance across a portfolio would not be unrealistic to achieve. For an industry beset by compliance successes averaging 50 percent, this change at scale would be significant for the sector and the people working within it. 
  2. Faster detection of leading risk indicators, which starts with high sentiment scores but ultimately maximizes value by increasing the flow of structured data to help quantify risk. So many people we talked with told us about the reams of unstructured data that they’re collecting and not using. Making this data useful and accessible would allow for far deeper analysis.  
  3. Materially reducing client monitoring overhead through automation, which could free up as much as 33 percent more time to apply to risk management and customer relations instead of client monitoring.
  4. The best end customer sentiment across the reporting and monitoring experience. We aim to achieve no less than a 4/5 rating by delivering a clear, useful, and easy user experience. Powered by a shared data room that acts as a single source of truth for financiers and their clients, we envision applying the same customized structure to how you organize and track submitted documents across your client portfolio.

As we considered these changes, we started to think differently about being called Dasher. Originally grounded in shared dashboards, this concept started to feel narrow compared to the reporting revolution we envisioned. 

Our vision is for information to flow more easily and simply between lenders and their clients, making it easier for both parties to share and understand performance data. To better serve this vision, we’re renaming our company FlowPoint Technologies Ltd. 

FlowPoint Logo

Next week, we’ll be hosting a demonstration day to show our platform’s potential to change the way lenders and their clients collaborate to build stronger businesses. 

We hope to see you there.