How can you materially reduce loan monitoring overhead?

March 1, 2022 — In 15 years, the technology for loan reporting and loan monitoring hasn’t changed much. Lenders spend a material amount of human capital reminding borrowers of their reporting requirements.

It also takes hours to manually organize and process incoming data to assess risk and confirm that the key terms and conditions of the loan are being met. The operational cost and impact on the effectiveness of risk management is significant.

But with sophisticated technology for process automation and data management, it’s possible to reimagine your operations. Leveraging the right technology can help you to create purpose-built workflows for capturing, organizing, and analyzing loan data to significantly improve operational scalability, customer relations, and risk management. 

In this white paper, we outline these loan monitoring challenges facing the financial sector:

  1. The correspondence grind
  2. The paralysis of analysis 
  3. Reporting as a burden

Learn how FlowPoint’s SaaS platform applies automation and structure to help you focus on high-impact activities, such as growing your portfolio and discovering earlier opportunities to successfully recover from a troubled lending situation.

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